A Typical Day

A Typical Day

AM Advisory:  Scholars participate in lessons designed to support their success in middle school.  Lessons may cover social and emotional strategies like dealing with conflict or evaluating healthy relationships or they may support scholars academically by helping them get and stay organized.

Math: Scholars work in teams to tackle an investigation task, a real-world problem designed to introduce them to a concept.  Then they work independently to practice a variety of strategies to solve problems.

ELA: Scholars read a variety of interesting texts on a central topic. Using evidence from multiple texts, they will discuss a controversial topic related to a book they are reading.  In ELA, we read and think like writers every day.  

Lunch: Scholars eat lunch and then have some time outside to play or socialize (weather permitting).

Humanities:  This course is a combination of history and writing.  Scholars will practice using multiple sources to create cohesive arguments about history.  They will also learn to evaluate sources.

Special Teams: Scholars at Baychester take a variety of elective courses throughout their three years including physical education, film studies, theatre, and Spanish.

Science: Scholars will do experiments and lab reports to solidify their understanding of gravity, the human anatomy, geology, and weather patterns.

PM Advisory: Scholars organize themselves for the day and ensure they are prepared to tackle homework.  They also give one another “shout out’s” for positive strategies they saw their peers using throughout the day.