Our Core Values


Habits of Optimism:

  • I believe that practice improves my performance.
  • I can list ways that I can improve a situation that isn’t going well.
  • I believe that adults and teammates are rooting for me to be successful and I am rooting for them too.

Habits of Collaboration:

  • I collaborate effectively with teammates and teachers on tasks and projects.
  • I find solutions that respect others’ feelings and perspectives.
  • I own my actions and apologize when I make a mistake.
  • I forgive and start fresh when someone apologizes.

Habits of Communication:

  • I share my thoughts and ideas with others in small and large groups.
  • I tell my truth bravely.
  • I effectively express my feelings and my needs and listen when others express their feelings and needs.


Habits of Self-Control

  • I show up to class and school on time, in uniform, and ready to learn.
  • I meet deadlines.
  • I execute routines and procedures for class and school independently, without reminders or consequences.
  • I attempt every part of a task or assessment.

Habits of Zest:

  • I am curious and ask questions to deepen my understanding.
  • I participate by sitting up and participating energetically in class and small group activities.


Habits of Self-Discipline:

  • I sustain my focus, pay attention, and persist in my efforts until I get it.
  • I handle mistakes, set backs, and frustration constructively.
  • I set academic goals and reflect on my  progress toward them.


Habits of Gratitude:

  • I notice and recognize what others do for me by saying “thank you.”
  • I notice and recognize what has improved or what is going well in each situation.