Our Mission

The mission of the Baychester Middle School Theatre Department is to be an all-inclusive program that inspires its participants and audiences to appreciate and understand the arts through quality live productions and educational opportunities.


Studies have shown that students with sustained involvement in theatre show substantial improvement in reading-proficiency, self-concept and motivation, and higher levels of empathy for others.  At Baychester, we have witnessed first-hand the confidence that is built, the friendships that are formed, and the passions that are developed within our program. 


There is a proud tradition of theatre at Baychester Middle School! For years, the theatre program has been supporting students’ creativity and imagination through our Spring Musicals and Fall Plays. This past Fall we performed Clue, based on the movie (and board game) and this Spring we are mounting Annie, Jr! The theatre program gives students a platform to explore the possibilities of their imaginations and helps build self confidence through the discovery of their  talents and the fulfillment of creating something with others. 

2021 Concert

We entered the school year still under strict COVID-19 precautions.  For this reason, we opted to perform our 8th annual musical virtually.  "This Is Us: A 10 Year Celebration of Joy, Pursuing Dreams, and Being True to Ourselves" was a cabaret that included songs from all of our favorite Broadway musicals.  By inviting past alumni to participate with our current students, it was the perfect way to celebrate Baychester's tenth year as a school!

2021: Virtual Performance

Legally Blonde

Our 7th annual musical was “Legally Blonde.”

Due to COVID-19 school closures, we never got to present the final production to a live audience.

Despite our disappointment, we rallied together to record a virtual concert, which was shared with our school and families. This production will still go down in Baychester history as another excellent piece of musical theatre. The cast was incredible, the crew worked very hard, and we are so proud of what we accomplished.

“Theatre doesn’t last. Only in people’s memories and in their hearts. That’s the beauty and sadness of it. But that’s life. Beauty and sadness. And that is why theatre is life.”

2020: Legally Blonde

2019: The Lion King

2018: Hairspray

2017: Grease

2016: Shrek the Musical

2015: The Little Mermaid

2014: The Wiz

Black Box Shows

The Baychester Black Box theatre was conceived and implemented in 2018. Its goal is to provide students a non-musical theatre experience that exposes them to a wide range of writing and acting styles, as well as a vast array of subject matters.

2019: Arsenic & Old Lace

2018: A Raisin In the Sun

Mr. Briggs

Mr. Briggs is originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico and has lived in NYC for 19 years. Northern New Mexico is steeped in Spanish Catholic traditions and Pueblo and Navajo Indian culture, and as such lent him a profound respect for cultural diversity and how a life blessed with deep artistic and cultural influences is all the more rich and beautiful.  As a teacher, Mr. Briggs hopes to help students forge an identity as artists, as proud learners of their accomplishments, and as people capable of important contributions beyond themselves. Both of his parents were teachers, and he is proud to carry on this tradition, and hopes to be an inspiration to many young people!